Monday, July 23, 2007


Nightwatching by Peter Greenaway is part of the Special Presentations program.

The year 1642 marks the turning point in the life of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt, transforming him from a wealthy respected celebrity into a discredited pauper. At the insistence of his pregnant wife Saskia, Rembrandt has reluctantly agreed to paint the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia in a group portrait, a portrait that would become his most celebrated painting - The Nightwatch. Going about his work, Rembrandt discovers that there is conspiracy afoot after a man is shot dead during routine musket practice. Determined to bring these conspiracies to light, the artist builds his accusation meticulously in the form of the commissioned painting itself, simultaneously uncovering a seamy and hypocritical side to Dutch Society in the Golden Age.

Peter Greenaway (The Cook, the Theif, His Wife & Her Lover, Pillow Book, Prospero's Book) is a director whose films are not ones that I've always enjoyed, but I certainly could never take my eyes off them.

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