Sunday, July 29, 2007

In the Valley of Elah

In the Valley of Elah by Paul Haggis is part of the Special Presentations program.

The film the story of a young soldier who goes missing upon returning to the U.S. from Iraq. When his war veteran father (Tommy Lee Jones) and his mother (Susan Sarandon) begin questioning the circumstances surrounding their son's mysterious disappearance, they embark on a journey to piece together their son's final days, enlisting the help of a police detective (Charlize Theron) to aid in the investigation.

I'll admit that I'm a big Paul Haggis fan. That seems to put me in the minority on most "geek" film sites. I've never understood the animosity that some have for "Crash", a film that I thought deserved it's Academy Award. I liked Million $ Baby, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags from our Fathers, Casino Royale, all of which he helped in the screenwriting. Hell, he even wrote for Walker, Texas Ranger. How can anyone argue with the greatness of Chuck Norris?

Trailer looks good to me.

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