Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flash Point

Flash Point by Wilson Yip will play Wednesday, Sept. 12 as part of the Midnight Madness program.

Geddes descibes the film as "Hot-headed cop Jun (Donnie Yen), whose punch-drunk brand of justice earns constant reprimands from his superiors, is after drug-dealing brothers Archer (Ray Lui), Tony (Collin Chou from Matrix Reloaded) and Tiger (Yu Xing from Kung Fu Hustle). Undercover cop Wilson (Louis Koo, from Election) infiltrates the gang and gains its trust. When his cover is blown, the resulting battle leaves him crippled. Archer is snared by the lawmen, but the day before his trial, Tiger vows to wipe out the only witness – Wilson – setting off an unforgettable series of high-octane chases and fisticuffs."

The film is from the same director and action choreographer from 2005 great SPL. Donnie Yen (Hero, Blade 2, Iron Monkey) has always been a favorite of mine. The film looks to be boncrunchingly violet. Awesome.

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