Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The films start rolling in..

TIFF has already announced 50+ films, and most of them sound interesting in some capacity (story, cast, director). I've never seen a film in the Wavelengths category, nor have I seen one in the Canada First category (though I've seen films by Canadian directors, just in different sections). Primarily my choices come from Galas, Masters, Special Presentations, Contemporary World Cinema and Midnight Madness. So I'm predictible. It's worked for me. Maybe this year I'll look outside the box.

But anyway...

I'm going to try and start listing some of the more interesting films to me that have been announced. Hopefully, this will help make my decisions easier when it comes to deciding day on August 29. If I was talented, I could add pictures and trailers for the films, but alas, you're lucky I'm know how to type. Technology hurts my brain, but I'll try to learn as I go along.

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