Monday, July 23, 2007

Days of Darkness

Days of Darkness by Denys Arcand will be a Gala Presentation.

Jean-Marc (Marc Labrèche) wrestles with the quiet frustrations of his mundane modern-day life. In his dreams, Jean-Marc is a successful author, a star of the stage and screen, a knight in shining armor who has women falling at his feet and into his bed. But in reality he is a nobody - a clock-punching civil servant, insignificant to his workaholic wife, a failed father and closet smoker. Stuck between his dreamland and reality, Jean-Marc's struggles to find the place where he truly belongs.

I've been a fan of Arcand's since Barbarian Invasions. I had to go back and find the beginning of the tale "The Decline of the American Empire." He did a great job of portraying a family that didn't know how to communicate.

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