Friday, September 15, 2006

Tuesday, Sept. 12

10:15 pm - The Last King of Scotland - Paramount 2
The movie tells the fictional tale of Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy), a Scottish doctor who meets Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) while working at a Ugandan clinic. Garrigan becomes Amin's personal doctor and slowly opens his eyes to the atrocities being committed. Well told tale although Garrigan doesn't come across as particularly bright. Whitaker is fantastic as Amin.

3 pm - Catch a Fire - Ryerson
Phillip Noyce's latest film tells the real life story of Patrick Chamusso, a refinery foreman who eventually joins the liberation army. He is falsely accused of a bombing by a police chief played by Tim Robbins. When the brutal interrogation leads to his wife being beaten, Chamusso decides to take action. Well told tale about a dormant personality being awakened into action by outside forces. Derek Luke gives a terrific performance as Chamusso.

6 pm - Quelques Jours en Septembre (A Few Days in September) - Ryerson.
Juliette Binoche plays a government agent sent to reunite two children with their father, Elliot (a spy on the run). The spy thriller doesn't have much thrill to it. It's more of a character piece between Binoche and the two kids, who had never met before. It tries to throw Sept. 11 into the background but doesn't succeed in its attempt.

9 pm - Mon Mellier Ami - Roy Thomson Hall
At a dinner gathering, art dealer Francois is shocked to learn that no one at the table considers him a friend. Once more, they don't believe him capable of having a friend. So sets the story in motion as Francois, led by a charming taxi driver, seeks to learn how to find his BEST friend. Slight tale, but charmingly played comedy.

Midnight - Trapped Ashes - Ryerson
Horror film that tries to bring back the "Tales from the Crypt" type storytelling. A group of strangers on a studio tour get trapped inside a horror set. The driver believes the only way out is to tell you innermost horror story. So four stories with varying comedic success are told. None of the tales are scary, but some do have comedy that works. Low budget, straight to video.

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