Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, Sept. 11

Never Say Goodbye - 9 am - Paramount 13

Incredibly popular Bollywood picture about two married couples who have members that end up having an affair. The film is over three hours long, but didn't seem to drag much. The music was catchy and the peformances charasmatic. Dev was the only character that didn't seem to build much sympathy from the audience. The film was beautifully shot. It was intersesting the dialogue. It was a mixture of Hindi and English, most of the time within the same sentence. The film has already become the most popular Bollywood film in North American history as it has played in Indian theatres across the country.

Stranger than Fiction - 12:30 pm - Ryerson

Great film that was just as funny and as heartfelt as the trailer make it look. If certain theatres at home do not clean up with this movie, then it will be something the theatre did wrong. People expecting to see a comedy in the vain of Will Ferrell's "Talledega nights" or "Anchorman" will be greatly disappointed. This is Ferrell's best ACTING. He's simply an everyman. The comedy comes out of his reactions, not the physical comedy he's known for. He garners such sympathy that it creates genuine tension as the film progresses and his inevitable date with death approaches.

10 Item or less - 3:30 - Elgin Theatre

The actors had not seen the film yet. Film is a small film about an actor (Morgan Freeman) doing research on managing a run down grocery store and the relationship he develops with a cashier (Paz Vega) there. It's a mostly two person, dialogue driven film in which not much happens. But because the two characters have such personality, you don't mind spending the time with them. Can't see this being a commercially successful film, but it's a good one to spend a couple of hours with at home on the couch with.

Fay Grim - 6 pm - Ryerson

Sequel to Hal Hartley's "Henry Fool." This film hard to describe because it throws so many genres together and see if they mix. It's shot digitally, so it almost look like a documentary at times. It throws comedy, espionage, drama and action in as well. And a lot of exposition. The story centers around Henry Fool's wife Fay Grim who gets drawn into a web of political intrigue when her husband's memoirs suddenly are wanted by government's across the globe. The acting is spot on, but it is certainly not a film for everyone as my head did feel at times it would explode trying to keep up with everything.

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