Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday, Sept. 16

10 am - Times and Winds - Varsity 3
Incredibly slow moving Turkish film about three youngsters and their interactions with their families. Not much happened, not much reason to see again.

Noon - Day Night Day Night - Varsity 4
Low budget tale of a young woman who has decided to be a suicide bomber and her last days on the planet. Woman is taken to a hotel where she is isolated only to be greated periodically by masked men and quizzed. Eventually she is dropped of in Times Square. Film is INCREDIBLY nerve wracking once she gets to her target. Does she go through with it? Is it successful? Does the bomb work? Really good film that looked to be shot on a single hand held camera.

2:45 pm - The Last Winter - Varsity 4
Billed as a horror movie, the horror elements don't really show until the last 10 minutes and then, they don't make sense. Film works more as a claustrophobic drama set in Alaska where a oil mining team is isolated from everyone. When one of the crew goes crazy, paranoia is unleashed. Good film, but definitely would not satisfy horror fans.

4:45 pm - Resue Dawn - Varsity 8
Film tells the tale of Dieter Dengler's escape from a POW camp in Vietnam before the war actually began. This is the second movie that director Werner Herzog has done on the subject. He did a documentary a decade before. Christian Bale stars as Dengler and he and Steve Zahn, as another prisoner, add humor to a rather bleak tale of survival.

7:30 pm - Outsourced - Varsity 8
Cute, crowdpleasing comedy of telemarketer Todd who is sent to India to set up a call center for his company since they can pay them less. Todd cannot leave India until the center is able to meet certain goals which means he must train the locals to speak more "American". Typical culture clash film but with heart. Not great but fun to sit through on video.

Midnight - Sheitan - Ryerson
Four college kids meet up with a girl at a dance club and head out to her place in the wilderness. Horror ensues. Like "Hostel" in that none of the characters are really likeable, therefore when the terror comes, there is really no one to root for.Vincent Cassal is incredibly over the top in his portrayal of Jacob, the antagonist.

I'm done. 43 films in 10 days. I'll try to type longer reviews once I get home.

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