Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to my second home

I've made it back to Toronto. This is my seventh year of attending the TIFF in the past eight years. Took me awhile to find a place to do the update. My favorite two internet spots are no longer in business. But there are still plenty of internet cafes up Yonge St.

Made some last minute purchases online. Hope they pay off.

Gameplan for Day 1.

1)Wake up in time for what will probably be the only time I make it to breakfast at the B&B.

2) Go pick up my tickets. See if by chance there are tickets for "Borat".

3) Magic Flute - 2pm

4) Wait in line at Ryerson for box office to open at 5 pm and see if there are tickets to "Borat".

5) Wind Shakes the Barley - 6 pm

6) Bothersome Man - 9 pm

7) If still have not secured tickets to "Borat", wait in the RUSH line to all hope is lost.

It's not that I think "Borat" is going to be THE movie of the festival. It's the experience. Seeing "Borat" with the Midnight Madness crowd will be a blast.

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