Sunday, July 09, 2006

Linda, Linda, Linda

Saturday @ 3:00 p.m. – Linda, Linda, Linda - Another filler movie. Movie tells of a group of four girls in Hong Kong who are desperately trying to learn a song (the title) before a school talent show. They are a week away and problems keep arising. The lead guitarist breaks her hand then the lead singer walks out. The story at times is slow moving but does a good job of establishing the personalities of each of the girls and the film rallies mightily in the final act, working up genuine suspense as to whether our heroines are even going to make it to their maiden gig, before letting them unleash a climactic barrage of three-chord fury. "Sun" is especially funny as the Korean transfer student who is recruited to be the new lead singer. Even the title song is catchy, at least the chorus is, otherwise the song is hilarious. "Like a rat, we all need love?" Oookay. Can't see this one making it overseas to the arthouse circuit, but was a cute film, nonetheless.

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