Sunday, July 09, 2006

Evil Aliens

Saturday @ Midnight – Evil Aliens. This is a movie that will make me have second thoughts on my gameplan.
In most cases, if I stay to see the midnight film, then there is a 90% chance I will sleep through the 9 a.m. movie the next day. Typically the 9 a.m. movies are high quality films, but if the midnight film is fun enough, it's worth it. This one wasn't.
A midnight film only. Very low budget, poor acting, throw whatever you can at the wall and see what sticks type of film. A film crew for a "Hard Copy" type TV show heads out to an Irish island to investigate the report of a local that she has been impregnated by aliens. The local has three "Deliverance" type brothers who come in handy once the aliens return in a foul mood. The movie is just an excuse to find creative, and at times funny ways to kill both humans and aliens. The aliens are men with alien helmets on. None of it played seriously. Which is why it could work as a midnight movie with an audience full of college kids. Regular shows, with an attendance of 10, will hear crickets chirping. It has been bought by Lion’s Gate so it may actually end up in theatres at some point. Nowhere near as good as “High Tension”, but would definitely pull in the same crowd, no one. The only advantage this one has is that it is in English. But anyone looking for the humor or originality of “Shaun of the Dead” will be sadly disappointed. The helmers weren’t shooting that high.

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